– – With more than 100K TV shows Hulu is the best low-cost streaming service that starts at just $5.99 has tons of TV shows available on it and provides a live TV streaming option as well. You can Watch Movies and all the latest TV shows on Hulu with or without commercials by activating a Hulu account on a device through



Hulu login/sign in through

To sign-in to Hulu it’s very simple, just follow the steps given down here:

  • A very first thing You will need an account to sign-in to Hulu.
  • Go to your device’s web browser and search for
  • Click on start your free trial button over there.
  • Choose your desired package and follow the steps to get into Hulu.
  • Fill-up your Email, Password, Name, DOB, and all required details, and then press continue.
  • The next step is to complete your billing process.
  • Well after this sign-up process gets completed.
  • Now you can grab your Hulu account by email id and password you have provided.
    Bonus tip: you can get Hulu by Facebook account as well.
    Cheers! and thanks later.

Relatively Easy Process to Activate Hulu on Xbox:

  • Go to the navigation bar on Xbox.
  • Look for the Hulu app.
  • Locate the app and download the Hulu.
  • Get into Hulu by entering Hulu account ID&Password.
  • Sign up for Hulu by
  • After this small process, Your Xbox is ready to serve you all the latest Hulu Content that you want.

How to use Hulu live TV on Roku –

The first question is Do you have a Hulu account? If not then go to to get the one. If already have a Hulu subscription then follow the steps downstairs:

  • Through the main Screen on Roku go to the Hulu icon.
  • Press the green Hulu button on the remote.
  • Wait to load-Up Hulu.
  • Push the ‘up’ arrow two times and then the right arrow to get over to live TV.
  • It starts the last channel that you were watching.
  • To get to the guide and change the channel push the down arrow.
  • Then use the arrow buttons to go to the top channel, News, etc.
  • Load and watch the live channel that you need.